La Real Banda

LA REAL BANDA - A Musical Journey Continues with "TE FELICITO" Featuring Carlos Quereigua

As the electrifying journey of LA REAL BANDA unfolds, their latest release "TE FELICITO" featuring the talented Carlos Quereigua, solidifies their reputation as musical innovators. This exciting track marks the second installment of their musical adventure, following the success of "LA PASÉ DE LOCURA," both part of their debut EP, "LOS 2 PATRONES."


"TE FELICITO" is not just a song; it's a musical dialogue between genres and cultures. In this remarkable collaboration, La Real Banda joins forces with Carlos Quereigua, a rising star in the regional Mexican scene. The result is a sonic fusion that transcends boundaries, showcasing the versatility and creativity of both artists. The seamless blend of musical influences, from Colombia to Mexico, creates a unique sound that speaks to a broad spectrum of listeners.


With "TE FELICITO," LA REAL BANDA continue their tradition of crafting emotionally resonant songs. The lyrics explore the theme of congratulating someone for their accomplishments, celebrating love and achievement. This narrative strikes a universal chord, connecting with audiences across different age groups and backgrounds. "TE FELICITO" is not just a song; it's an emotional journey that invites listeners to share in the joy of others' successes.